About Saxenburg

Officially proclaimed in 1693, Saxenburg is one of the oldest farms in South Africa.

Thanks to the combination of the perfect natural conditions and a highly skilled and driven team, Saxenburg’s wines have won the highest praise, not only in South Africa, but around the rest of the world. 

The terroir at Saxenburg is perfectly suited to Shiraz and it is thanks to this varietal that Saxenburg has become a prominent South African export. Thanks to the wine maker’s belief that exceptional wines are made on the vine, Saxenburg practices a well-managed system of summer pruning to keep yields low. With fewer bunches left, grapes mature into a finer quality and less craft is required in the cellar. 

While they may not be the most regal of animals, the three guinea fowl that adorn the emblem have become symbolic of the philosophy at Saxenburg.

Found in great numbers in the region, they represent a heart which burns with the passion consistently creating the finest wine year after year; the mind, which keeps the heart in check by making the best, most informed decision at every juncture; and lastly – the soul, which binds knowledge and passion together.

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